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  • specialk ·
    Hi, I just purchased a 2012 colorado 3.7 and I heard your the person to talk to when it comes to tuning. I would like to ask you some questions if possible. like prices or If you could please let me know what all needs to be done and any information you have about the tune, I would greatly appreciate it.
    [email protected] ·
    Hello, I am new to the 355 Nation forum and recent purchaser of a very clean 2009 Colorado with 86K miles with the 2.9L. I have already had one no start and am wanting to disable the passlock system. What tunes do you recommend in addition to disabling passlock; and what is your charge. Also, I understand you can send me a temporary ECM to use until mine is returned? Thanks! Paul Whatey
    Floridaham ·
    I see from all the posts, that you are the go to authority on Colorado's. I own a 2004, 3.5 colorado. It is fast approaching 156K miles. I haven't done much to the truck except take care of it for the past 3 years. I have cut the paslok wire, and installed a switch so I can complete the circuit after removing battery. Brakes, rear main seal, tranny front seal, fixed all vacuum leaks which were causing check engine light, (P0171). I don't really get great mileage, 16 to 18 at best. I drive across Florida frequently, from west coast to east coast. Would a "tune" from you help, and can the paslock light be turned off. Any other info you mighneed please ask. No big rush. I know you are busy. Email is: [email protected] Thanks. PS. Pics of my truck on my page.
    Rowho3030 ·
    I'm new to the site and my main reason for joining is I want to turbo my truck and I seen the one someone on here built so can anyone give me the best way to go about doing it. 2.9
    Bradshawtech ·
    Good day, I just joined the forum. I see your tune services promoted by many.
    I have a 07 3.7 that I’ll be putting into my 06 Colorado. Are both ECM’s the same? If yes, can I send you one of them to get the best tune for the truck?

    I have two complete trucks to work with so I hope I have everything I’ll need to do the swap

    Thanks for your time.
    Hhrumph ·
    Good morning James,
    I have two questions.
    1. How do I remove the old msgs. from my pm list?
    2. Would it be possible to send me a detailed list of the items you offer for sale?
    Everett Glass (aka) hhrumph
    VPFTech ·
    I put 255/50R16 tires on my 2004 2wd LS with a 2.8 auto Colorado. now my speedo is off about 8%.
    Im looking for direction to get my speedometer calibrated.

    Also looking for ideas on how to get a LS with its computer to read my Current VIN so it will pass emissions. Or looking for suggestions on how to get this to pass emissions in Maryland. (future plans)
    Jason p ·
    Hello James, I'll be looking into getting a 50:50 mail order tune from you if possible. If you could please let me know what all needs to be done and any information you have about the tune, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Superthrash1 ·
    It was suggested I ask you for advice. My sons 07 3.7 threw a rod, I purchased a nice 04 3.5 donor truck. I know harness and fuel rails will need to be swapped. It seems that there are a lot of wiring connections on the drivers side of the block that are terrible to get to. Any tips on that? IF I am swapping the complete engine harness, can I leave it on? Thanks in advance for any help getting my 16yo son back on the road!
    Hhrumph ·
    Thank you for the response and sending me the loaner. Our Granddaughter is returning this Saturday and going back to Texas A & M. It is at this time when I will swap out the two components and pack them up and send them back to you.
    Everett Glass
    Hhrumph ·
    James, I want to do the MAF and spark Coils. You said $250.00 for the upgrade, is that still correct? What is the Max power that the I5 engine is capable of? I will need you to give me your Paypal email to send you the money. My truck at 70 mph fuel mileage is 15 miles per gallon. It’s 250 miles per tank full in town. So I guess I would like the middle of the road upgrade. So get me that info and I’ll send you the money. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.
    Everett Glass. (AKA) hhrumph
    Dsanderson ·
    My 2004 Chevrolet Coloadois having ignition issues. Replaced the battery last weekend. Alternator putting out 14.3-.4. My truck will start with the aftermarket remote start but not the key. Place key in the ignition and all lights and bells light up. Turn the key and nothing. I am fairly mechanically inclined. this seems like a ignition switch issue. I am comfortable replacing the ignition switch but what about the security system that is built in?Do I need a code reader to reset the security system? Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Hhrumph ·
    I started a thread “TXSM 2018-2019. There has been 4 responsives to it, yet when you look at the title it showes zero. Am I being blocked?
    DorkMonster ·
    Just had a couple quick questions.
    2012 Colorado 2.9L i4
    1. How much boost could a guy run before having to upgrade stock components(injectors, fuel pump, etc)
    2. how do I get a tune from you?
    3. How much is a tune?
    4. Could you tune if I had a turbo?
    I bought a throttle body from you a couple months ago, works great! . I haven't done some of the mods yet, just been too busy at work.
    Donnavon 402-499-7339(if you'd rather text me)
    MWMa1927ChevPU ·
    Forgive me for I am a bit confused. I posted (I thought) a question to the I4&5 forum. My posting says that is where it is but if I go to that form It doesn’t appear. If I find my posts it does. I find this confusing, how will people find it?
    I know, another old guy with way too many questions.

    Have a great day!
    MWMa1927ChevPU ·
    I am appealing to you directly since I get the feeling that you are one of the most technically oriented folks on the forum. I value your inputs and you and your website have proven to be a valuable asset on this project.

    I now have the 2.8 sitting on the floor. The next step is to see if it will actually fit in the 27's limited engine bay. However after that comes the rewiring. I was a bit freaked out when I found no pin labels on the engine harness. However I noticed that the contacts were labeled on the underside of the mating portion of the fuse panel. However the pinouts on the PCM are not labeled. This is a obviously s large problem !

    Anyone know :

    So where can I find that information?

    Is there a resource for finding the connectors?

    Any reason that I might need to connect to the Blue Plug?

    Or is there an aftermarket unit that can control the transmission and the engine?

    Any assistance in that area would be appreciated.
    MWMa1927ChevPU ·
    I am trying to make this work but I am not sure I can get there from here. I just posted a message however I do not believe I posted it on the correct forum. I don't believe it will get a response where it it currently posted. I am not sure how you direct a post to the appropriate forum. Anyway not complaining just an old guy with yet another senior moment,
    JDPardee ·
    How’s it going. I’ve been the owner of a 2004 Colly ZQ8 sport crew since 2004. The truck currently has over 200,000 miles on the original 3.5 and was running great until very recently. I’m afraid I’ve been hit with the dreaded ABS traction fault along with my speedometer either laying dead or jumping erratically. Both front hubs and sensors have been replaced within the last 3 or 4 years. Think you might be able to point me in the right direction? I’ve tried to get the code read but every time I take it in to the shop there’s no code to read and nothing showing as an engine fault. It only comes on every once in a while but tonight it did with some rain and the transmission started shifting weird and would hardly come out of second gear. I’m about to lose it.
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