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  1. headliner

    I would love for the headliner to be black. This may come later
  2. headliner

    Do you think it is possible with out dropping the head liner
  3. Large Dogs in Extended Cab

    Members Garage
    Beautiful dogs RK.
  4. Kidney Suff

    Before it was 1.55 now it is .9. Diet and everything the same as before.
  5. Kidney Suff

    My kidneys are weak. My GFR is around 50. I took Golden Standard Kidney Stuff at 1/2 the recommended dose. So it will last about 2 months instead of 1. My GFR is a rock solid 80+. I am not spamming just saying what works for me
  6. both marker lights flash

    I would like to have the parking lights and turn signal lights flash with the turn signal turned on. Has anyone done this? What needs to be done?
  7. new chevelle

    Off-Topic Nice
  8. What price can you afford for a Chevy Colorado Starter ? $40 or $400 ?

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    That is a good price
  9. 6th gear in around town driving

    V6 Engine & Drivetrain (2015+)
    It most likely will be better mileage. When you lug the engine the oil pressure suffers too. I would not do it myself.
  10. 2020 Chevelle

    OMG I want one
  11. remove superglue

    My girlfriend had some flooring where the tongue and groove broke and was not flush anymore. I had the bright idea to use super glue. I ordered some watery thin stuff with great capillary action. I drilled a few small holes and put this stuff in. It worked well but some got on her floor. How to...
  12. 5.3 swap

    New Member Introductions
    For the 2011 year is the tb gas pedal needed?
  13. Blower connector upgrade plus tips

    How-To: Lighting & Electrical
    this should be a sticky very clever
  14. Antenna Replacement Ideas

    You can shorten the stock antenna
  15. My 2005 Canyon CCSB 3.5L

    Projects & Build
    I don't see the option to pm you. I will link you to the grill if you want
  16. My 2005 Canyon CCSB 3.5L

    Projects & Build
    I have a new grill for sale in the for sale section. You may like it.
  17. fabric paint

    Gray cloth
  18. fabric paint

    There are a few brands but dupli color seems to be the go to brand
  19. fabric paint

    I have 4 cans ordered. I may see how these do before ordering more
1-20 of 442 Results