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  1. 2018 4 piston calipers

    believe there is write ups on this in one of the other topics.
  2. handheld laser welder

    wonder what the traditional welding community thinks of this?
  3. Looking for a 3.5 Exhaust Manifold

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I didn't do a web search for replacement headers for this engine and didn't consider the numbers of engines produced over the years but expected some big name manufacturer made one. It looks like there is one and their producing a kit header says a lot. Having a double drilled exhaust flange was...
  4. If I change to 'full synthetic oil' will the I-5 leak?

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I had a 1975 ElCamino v8 that I tried switching to Castrol synthetic a few years after purchasing it and it immediately started leaking at the rear main seal area. I switched back to regular oil and the leak stopped. Nowadays I believe all new cars use synthetic based on the oil change intervals.
  5. No drain plug!

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I put a aftermarket drain plug on one of my cars years ago. Solved that problem.
  6. '04 3.5 ext cab squeaking driving me nuts!! HELP!

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    my 2006 squeeks from the passenger side dashboard glovebox area. I had to replace the fan speed control when I bought the truck a couple of years ago and the dealer said they had to remove the dash to perform the job. This is probably a screw or bolt that loosened over time but it is irritating.
  7. Looking for a 3.5 Exhaust Manifold

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    no aftermarket headers available for this engine? I had a 3.8 Mustang that cracked its factory header and the local Mustang shop would not use a Ford header as a replacement. It was a known defect and they used aftermarket headers for replacements. Cheaper overall that oem.
  8. Unusual swaps

    Engine Swaps
    I've had that supercharged 3800 from the big front engine/rear drive Buick/Olds land cruisers in the back of my mind since buying the 2006 Canyon a couple of years ago. I'm not competent enough mechanically and unable to do this caliber thing and don't trust anybody locally to perform the swap...
  9. 5.3 swap questions from a new guy

    Engine Swaps
    since a v8 was factory installed in this generation truck, I suspected a v8 swap would be easy.
  10. 2006 I5 stock air filter attachment question

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    yep I noticed the similarity. There seems to be a slight difference in the shading of the body color so we must have different years. Mine's a 2006,yours? I did apply a 14" long cable ty as I mentioned previously and recently found a 3" diameter worm screw hose clamp at the big orange hardware...
  11. 2006 I5 stock air filter attachment question

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Thanks for the complement and video. I think that I'll still try to put a clamp or cable ty in the molded groove on the replacement filter for peace of mind.
  12. 2006 I5 stock air filter attachment question

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    after posting this question, I surfed the web for awhile but couldn't find anything indicating there is a clamp for retaining the filter to the intake tube. At first glance, it looked pretty shoddy and not what you'd expect from an American auto manufacturer.For peace of mind, I think I'll try...
  13. Want To Buy Wtb Colorado 15" center caps

    Want to Buy
    Don't know if you found any of these but I had four come on my 2006 Canyon when I bought it. Three of the four weren't worth keeping-badly marked up- but one had a small scratch in the paint on the outside edge about 3/8"x1/8". This one I kept and you can have it if you pay for UPS from zip...
  14. 2006 yellow Canyon ZQ8 SLE

    For Sale
    Purchased in December 2017 with 198,000 miles. Currently has 206,000 miles. I bought with intention of using at my new home in rural S/W Georgia but determined that it is not being used as a truck very often. I would like to sell for $8500 outright with no trades allowed. Body is in excellent...
  15. Another spare tire hoist problem

    Wheels & Tires
    I had my hoist mechanism and spare removed when I got new wheels last year. The procedure for getting the spare down and out from under the truck while on the side of the road didn't appeal to me. Now the spare is upright centered flat against the front of the bed and held in place by a tie down...
  16. master cylinder-manual non power

    Thanks for the info BigR. Since my truck has 205000 miles on it, I'm going to have to replace some things to make it safer like the brake lines. Not having to buy a power brake booster will help save some money so I would probably go with Dave's kits. The TRM kit looks like it would have the...
  17. master cylinder-manual non power

    Thanks for the feedback Dave. Some posts suggested a little larger id master cylinder for best brake performance with power brakes but the spacing of mounting holes prevented their use on the stock booster. Boosters that would accept the bigger master cylinders wouldn't mount in the original...
  18. master cylinder-manual non power

    after reading a number of posts regarding exchanging the rear drums for discs, it seems like there is question about which master cylinder to use in this swap. Bore size and firewall mounting hole width has been mentioned often and it seems like finding the `right' part is undetermined. I...
  19. For Sale chrome Fuel Hostage D530 wheels 6x5.5"

    For Sale
    8.5"x17" with stock offset(25mm I believe) and about 200 miles on them. Center caps and lug nuts included.$500 or best offer. In the Columbus Georgia area and face to face sale only with cash or certified check only. I'll drive a reasonable distance to show them. I didn't think of this earlier...
  20. transmission fluid change

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    when I bought my used 2006 Canyon with 198000 miles back in December 2017, I had the local GM dealer flush the transmission at his suggestion. This was the first transmission service of this kind for me and I wonder how effective it is compared to the old school drop the pan and replace the...
1-20 of 28 Results