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Crew Cab VIN:8 2.8l SLE 2wd Automatic
I got this truck in 2015 from one of the largest dealerships in town. They supposedly had just gotten it on a trade in and didn't know about any issues. Before I signed the papers they already had to do an engine swap and change several wiring harnesses. The truck had 106k on it. The newer engine had 60k.

It already had an aftermarket stereo/DVD player and Vyper alarm system. It also has some nice dark tinted windows and slightly oversized AT tires in the stock rims. I got some slip-on spacers for the front tires because they rubbed when I turn them all the way.

This truck has NEVER had much power since I got it. Apparently the engine issues I have now were already brewing. I literally can not tow anything without it acting like I'm pulling a 30ft camper. I know I need to fix the suspension in the rear. The springs are shot. It drops when I put fuel in it. I had a 200lb generator in the bed and it dropped it almost to the axle and like I said, felt like I was pulling something huge.

I'm rebuilding the engine now that the head gasket blue and it overheated due to a huge leak in the water pump.
2006 GMC Canyon (Blue)


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