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General Information

: 2011
: Chevrolet
: Colorado
: White
: 3LT ZQ8
: I am the 2nd owner of 3LT #453 of 768. This thing was built Oct. 27, 2010. That was a Wednesday. I figure any auto built on a Wednesday is much better than one built on a Monday or a Friday. Original owner ordered the truck from a dealer in Round Rock, TX. Didn't take Delivery until Dec. 2010. Drove it 39,3xx miles in 2 years. Took good care of it. Sold it to CarMax in October of 2013. He had 3 different vehicles and couldn't drive all 3. So he chose to get rid of the Colorado. He also had a 3SS Trial Blazer SS and a fully optioned Chevrolet SS. I had searched CarMax across the US multiple times. Never found this one in their database. Found in on Cargurus on 11/2/13. Jumped out of bed and made the 1 hour drive to North Austin. SOLD! As of July 2019, I am up to 205,000 miles and she keeps on trucking!
2011 Chevrolet Colorado 3LT



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