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General Information

Purchased new in Oct. 2005.

Avg. 14,000 miles/year.

Maintenance History (mileage rounded to nearest 5k):
* Lots of bulbs (one every ~10,000 miles)
** So I stock a spare bulbs of each type in the truck;
** Don't think I've replaced the same one twice, yet.
* Regular oil/filter changes (~10,000 miles)
* K&N filter maintenance (~50,000 miles)
* Tires (~55,000 miles)
* Battery (~95,000 miles)
* Throttle Body & MAF cleaning (~100,000 miles)
* Dex-Cool Change (~110,000 miles - [~2 yrs. overdue])
* Spark Plugs (~110,000 miles - [10k overdue])
* Front Bumper, Lower Air Deflector (~110,000 miles, partially broken off at ~20,000 miles)
** After the initial break, the rest of it stayed on just fine.
** I replaced it more as a curiosity than anything else.
* Lumbar Adjust Knob (~110,000 miles, gradually broke into a smaller and smaller piece, replaced when it was broken down to the nub.)
* Noticed an AC hose was rubbing on the power steering pump. It didn't get deep enough to cause a leak. All retaining clips were intact, but the hose was still routed too close. I resolved the issue with two zip-ties from the hose to the air intake housing. (~110,000 miles)

Unresolved Issues:
* Small area of rust on the underside of the hood, near the latch.
* Small area of rust on the underside of the tailgate, passenger side, along the seam.
* Small hole worn in driver's side seat, padding crumbling out. Need seat covers, dealer parts replacement is too expensive. No aftermarket replacement available, save for custom seat covers for my 60/40 split bench.
* Cracked middle of plastic arm-rest lid. It hasn't had any affect on function or appearance. Dealer parts replacement is too expensive. No aftermarket replacement available.
* A few chips/cuts in the Rhino Lining need to be repaired, nothing major.
* Front and Rear shocks need to be replaced; some handling & control issues will be resolved.
* Intermittently, I've noticed minor oil consumption after several long, highway trips.
2006 GMC Canyon (White)


3.5L i5
AC Delco Iridium Spark Plugs
K&N Air Filter (only for reusability, not performance)
"Cashmere" interior
60/40 Split Bench
GM Tubular "nerf" bars
GM Fender Flares
Rhino Spray-On Bed Liner
VHF Antenna (5/8-wave, 2m-band [~1.22m])
HF (CB) Antenna (w/loading coil, 11m-band [~1m])
2-meter Amateur Radio
11-meter CB Radio
Stock (Z71)
Soon to replace the shocks, but I've yet to decide on a brand/model.
Wheel and Tire
Stock, Aluminum-Alloy, 15" wheels
P265/75/R15, Firestone Destination LE2 tires
Spare: 31x10.5 Good Year Wrangler Silent Armor (anything but silent, by the way)


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