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Flat Black
I bought this black beauty from a lady I worked with. She only wanted $500 and I drove home. The engine is still basically Ford Y-Block but now has all forged internals. Believe it or not, this freakin' beast was featured in Y-Block Magazine back in April 2009.

You should see the looks she gets now at the redlights... when I purge the nitrous.
1964 Ford F-250 (Flat Black)


1957 truck 292 Y-Block bored to 309 cubic inches
Probe Forged dome pistons (3.86 bore)
Forged FoMoCo 3.30 stroke crankshaft
Forged FoMoCo connecting rods
1964 Ford truck cylinder heads:
P&P, 3-angle valve job,
1.54:1 ratio adjustable rocker arms,
Stainless Ferrea 2.02" intake/1.625" exhaust valves
Cam: Clay Smith Y-292S mechanical flat tappet; 292dur/.485lift
108 LSA
Isky Solid lifters (ISK-302-H)
Cloyes HD double-roller timing set (CLO-C-3031)
Sealed Power high volume oil pump
ARP fasteners throughout
Blue Thunder aluminum 4bbl intake manifold
Zex Nitrous 300 horsepower fogger

Additional fuel for the nitrous system comes via an eleven-gallon fuel cell (Speedway Motors) and a Holley "Red" electric fuel pump. The nitrous bottle is carefully camouflaged by a rickety wooden box bolted down inside the bed so I can maintain the "sleeper" image.

Holley 600 cfm mech. secondary carburetor
Hedman ceramic coated headers
Ignition: ALL MSD including a Pro-Billet distributor, 6-AL ignition box, Blaster 3 coil, and wiring
Exhaust: ALL 2.5" with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers and dumps
1959 Ford Fairlane 3-speed manual tranny w/jockey shifter
Centerforce Stage III Dual-Friction 11" Paddle Clutch
Dana 60 w/ 3.54 gears, factory 16-spline axles, and a Detroit Locker posi unit.
No AC, no radio, no 4-way flashers, no reverse lights, no fancy wipers, no power steering, and the heat is compliments of the headers running just beneath my feet.
Well, I do have a "Folsom State Prison" sticker in the back window so not too many people are ballsy enough to violate her. The bed is '67 Ranger, grille is '63 F-350, and the paintjob is Walmart rattle-can Flat Black. Not too bad for $26.00.
Whelen Police 200watt PA/Siren....just to annoy my neighbors and move the IDIOTS driving too slowly in the fast lane here in San Antonio.
Factory leafs all around with two springs flipped in each of the front packs to drop me 2.5 inches. Gotta love low-tech, old-school.
Wheel and Tire
Stock steelies, 16x8 all around. BFG mud/snow-terrain tires.



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