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So I sold my truck, but I wanted to show what it looked like before it sold mostly for my own records, but to share with anyone who cares to look too. Things done to it:

-Hummer h3 seat swap. Never did find leather ones in my area for a decent price. Oh well.
-Hummer h3 center console with a 3D printed trim conversion for the manual stick shift (the console was out of an automatic hummer).
-Different rims & tires I bought for dirt cheap. They actually came off of a 4runner. I took the center caps and printed out a Chevy logo and replaced the Toyota logo. I also used centering rings to hold them in place.
-Added “Oh sh!t” handles (can’t believe a 2008 vehicle didn’t have those, then again, I couldn’t believe the oem seat didn’t recline)
-Peragon truck bed cover. Probably won’t go recommending that to people.
-tow hitch
-replaced the oem radio with aftermarket radio. Pioneer avh 1440nex with a resistor to trick the running signal. I actually really liked that radio.
-speakers because the truck didn’t have any when I bought it. Infinity Reference REF-6532ix. No complaints about them.
-replaced the light cover for the cab rear light and added led bulbs to that and the brake lights and tail lights.

I can’t remember anything else. I am going to miss that truck, but I couldn’t fit my kid’s car seat in it and I needed money for some dental work. It was my spare vehicle, so it had to go. Maybe I’ll get another someday!

Oh, and if anybody is interested in the solidworks model for the center console trim piece I’d be willing to put it up on grabcad and post the link here. May do it anyways for my own benefit. It isn’t perfect. Was about 2mm too wide on the passenger side, the top needed to curve down more, one of the mounting posts broke, the radius in the bottom back had to be filed to be larger and there is a part that is so thin it needed some superglue reinforcement, but honestly those were being picky and it turned out really nice. Oh, and I had to dremel the most forward part of the center console under this trim piece with the holes for the top centering post and the two connected plastic rivets. If anybody has had the auto center console, they know where the stick shift hits. I dremeled that all off. Still was plenty sturdy, especially after my superglue reinforcement of the thin section. I have made an updated version of the trim piece, but never printed and tried it out. It was a day and a half or 2 day print with my 3D printer settings. Made it out of petg.