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  1. How-To: Performance & Maintenance
    Hey guy’s, I don’t ask for much up here in Washington state, but I could use a little now. My Jtr header arrived and im chomping at the bit to get it on and running. I have a 2.9 liter I4 so anyone who’s installed this header on this motor please offer any tips, advice or important suggestions...
  2. Tuning
    I'll try to keep this simple. If the cheap little plug and play tuners work let me know which one. In the process of building custom headers, I have 2 pipes welded to the flange so far:confused: I will post pics when finished and installed, this will also have to be added in the information for...
  3. Reviews
    Hello all, found a nice crack in my exhaust manifold (08 2.9) and I’ve been looking through threads here trying to find anyone who’s bought a cheaper manifold and how they’ve held up. Anybody here with say a $300 exhaust manifold (rockauto, Amazon, 1aauto etc.) holding up well a few years down...
  4. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    i just got my JTR (Sanderson) Header in the mail today. here are a few pics for you guys. the test install will happen tomorrow afternoon. more pics to come! keep in mind that i have a 2.9, not a 2.8 motor.
1-4 of 4 Results