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  1. Engine Swaps
    I’ve been planning to do an LS swap in a regular cab Colorado. My original idea was either a 5.3 or another kind of LS in a manual rear wheel drive lowered regular cab Colorado. Tho I have gotten the idea to do a 4 x 4 regular cab with a 5.3 with five speed manual. I believe I would need to...
  2. Tuning
    Hi everyone I have a 2009 Chevy Colorado 2.9L that I did a 5speed swap on. Problem is I can’t find anyone near me (Tampa, FL) to help me out with my Ecm. Need to change it to a manual trans to eliminate auto trans codes and also fix the rpm issue when shifting
  3. Projects & Build
    As the title states! I ran across a truck last week that had 85% of everything I needed to do a 5 Speed swap on my truck. Upon inspection...... the swap is rather easy and straight forward! I will document this swap as a help to anyone that might want to do this; BUT this is not going to be a...
1-3 of 3 Results