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  1. Projects & Build
    The Sleeping Anomaly Usually in automotive terms, a “sleeper” is defined by a vehicle with extensive modifications to performance and handling to significantly increase the performance. This all while the exterior of the vehicle remains looking OEM. Our sleeping anomaly project has similar...
  2. Projects & Build
    What I have been doing (helping really) the last month or so after work. This is work done by Swoops of and his brother. Bagging VWs Starting Layout of tanks, compressors, and hardlines. Swoops eyeing up the next bend for a hardline Making the bend Wiring, running air...
  3. For Sale
    Up for grabs are two Viair 480's. These are brand new compressors, I only took them out to inspect them upon delivery, but since I sold the truck that they were going to go on, I no longer have any use for them. I'll let em go for $240 apiece.
1-3 of 3 Results