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  1. How-To: Chassis & Suspension
    Disclaimer The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic...
  2. Interior
    I am not getting much air flow to the windshield on the drivers side. Naturally, the passenger side defrosts just fine. I imagine I'll have to tear out the dash to get to the ducts. Any ideas or how-tos for this task?
  3. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    OKAY first of all i already have a k&n intake system but does anybody know which one is the best????? second this might sound pretty mest but i think it well work were i live (winnipeg) somebodys selling a nissan skyline intake system so if i bought that would it work??? haha just wondering.
1-3 of 3 Results