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  1. Audio/Multimedia
    So i am putting 2 12s in the back of my ext cab. But i have no clue how to run RCA cables from the factory stereo to my amp. I know i need an adapter but as far as what adapter and how to hook it up im in the dark.Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Aesthetics
    Hey guys, installed my 4 channel amp the other day. The speakers whine like no tomorrow when running, and whine when i touch the gas pedal when not running. I have tried a different deck, It only seems to come out from the rears, I've tried different rca cables. Ive reground all stereo...
  3. For Sale
    I have 2 10" MTX subs with a box designed for use in a reg cab colly, along with a 1000 watt Profile Baja amp. Looked at brand new stuff, the amp costs 110 new, the box I bought was 75 (on sale), and the subs new are 50 a piece. Asking 150, you pay shipping, for everything. *Note: Your spare...
  4. Audio/Multimedia
    So a member had a few questions about wiring a 4 Channel amp and was considering getting his amp installed by Best Buy. I have nothing against the installers at best buy but for whatever they charge i figure it is way better to just do yourself, now im sure there is already how-to's on...
  5. Audio/Multimedia
    I want to put subs in the back of my crew cab 4wd 2005 canyon under the seat and the im not sure if the boxes i found will fit. Does anyone know of a good box that will for sure fit under my back seat? Thanks.
  6. Audio/Multimedia
    Hey, everyone! I'm hooking up the amp from my old ride into my new Canyon, everything is hooked up except the speaker wires from the Amp to the rear speakers. I pulled apart the doors and found the stock speaker wire was yellow and brown, but when i looked at the wires that run out of the door...
  7. Audio/Multimedia
    :salute: I have seen the sticky for the crew cab sub box's but I'm throwing this out to the ext. cab guys. Lets see em!:D
  8. For Sale
    PRICE DROP! $750 for everything and ill cover 1\2 of shipping! Hey guys....ive decided against such a big audio install on my truck So im parting it out...everything listed here is up for grabs! Buyer pays shipping. If interested send me a PM and we'll work on a price\payment. 25 feet of...
1-8 of 11 Results