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  1. For Sale
    You can check out the entire process in my build thread... $25,000 or best offer. Willing to negotiate, but not going to give it away. - Matt
  2. North East
    I posted this in the Cap Chap section, but I want to make sure that the word is sufficiently spread! Saturday, April 25th - Maryland Minis presents the "Meet at the Beach" - No trophies, no drama - nothing but a good time! ALL types of vehicles are welcome and encouraged!!!! Maryland Minis is...
  3. For Sale
    2005 bagged colorado crew cab for sale $14k obo. Shockwaves in the front, Slam Specialties RE7s and high performance drop shocks in the rear, 1/2" stainless steel braided air lines, twin Viair 444s, 12 gallon tank, AVS Digital gauges, AVS 7 switch box, Flowmaster 44 Series muffler, 8 1/2" valves...
  4. Bagging
    Well as some of you know ive been colecting parts to bag the truck. Well tonight i just made the biggest purchase of them all. But i wanna see whos going to guess it right. Its obvious.
  5. Projects & Build
    The Sleeping Anomaly Usually in automotive terms, a “sleeper” is defined by a vehicle with extensive modifications to performance and handling to significantly increase the performance. This all while the exterior of the vehicle remains looking OEM. Our sleeping anomaly project has similar...
  6. Bagging
    Just curious what most guys are getting for lift out of their bagged 355's. Mostly looking for numbers on the front, but curious on the rear as well. Also post up your psi required to lock out at lift (if you know...) I did a quick search an it didnt turn up too many results.
  7. Bagging
    Hey guys, I'm trying to choose between two wheels, one of which looks decent and seems like it will be more "bagged 355 friendly" and the other I think would look awesome on my truck, but aren't so "bagged 355 friendly." The wheels and specs are as follows: 22x9.5 +30mm offset (KMC Wheel) 22x9...
  8. For Sale
    2006 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab - Custom Show Truck Featured in August 2010 Issue of Street Trucks Magazine Also seen in Mini Truckin, Sport Truck, and Truckin Magazines Price: $18,900 Mileage: 33,000 Engine: Stock 3.5L Inline 5 Cylinder Suspension: Complete Air Ride Suspension. Performed...
  9. Projects & Build
    I realised that despite the large number of various threads I have here, I do not have a complete build thread. So, instead of just showing you some pictures of the finished product, I decided to compile a build thread. This is mostly for my benefit; I want a complete record of the...
1-9 of 9 Results