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  1. Exterior
    I've got a 2012 regular cab with 6ft bed and a spray-in liner. I put on a new-to-me canopy, and discovered that it leaks. I've gotten the leaks down to a slow trickle, but it rains a lot here, and I park outside on a slight downward slope, so the front of the bed fills up with water. I assume...
  2. Exterior
    Truck came with a bed rug. Trying to prep for roll on liner but I can't get the leftover Velcro adhesive off. Well it's coming off but it took me a full hour to get a 1/2" wide strip off the front wall using acetone and a metal scraper. There's another 1" strip halfway across the front wall...
  3. For Sale
    Peragon sliding aluminum bed cover, black, for 6.5' bed. It was on the truck when I got it, took it off to do a bed liner and decided I don't want anymore. Sorry I don't have any pics of it installed. I'd like to get $350 for it, prefer to meet within 150mi but we can work on shipping if you...
  4. Chop Shop
    i have an ext cab 2wd. i was thinking that it might look pretty BA if i swapped out a short bed. it would great if someone could it for me. i can ost a pic if you need one. thanks in advance!
  5. For Sale
    Truxedo Truxport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover:SOLD For Crew Cab (5 foot bed) Latches strong, velcro in great condition, sits on top of rails. The only minor issues are: patched small hole from a neighbor’s cigarette butt, does not leak; and the vinyl edging has started to crack a little where the...
1-5 of 6 Results