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  1. Interior
    Okay so I'm looking for black interior trim bezels. So I found some on the GM website but it says they fit 07-12. What's the difference between 04-06 and 07-12 regarding this.
  2. For Sale
    I have for sale a Hunter brush guard. It has been on my truck for about 3 weeks but decided I want to go another route. I am actually very happy with the guard it looks great. Has not hit ANYTHING. In great condition. Comes with everything but 1 factory bolt (got cross threaded...) But will send...
  3. For Sale
    Wanting something different so trying to sell the truck. 2005 Chevy Colorado Xtreme Price Is $6000 Obo. Location is Lafayette, IN :salute: Truck has around 126,500 miles I don't have to sell but kinda wanting a 4 door since I have a baby. Oil changes have been done regularly. Just did it...
  4. For Sale
    Don't have to sell but just testing the waters. Price isn't firm. $7500 The engine is perfectly sound. No engine problems at all. The paint isn't that bad but does have some flaws. Couple chips on the front frill, front lip of the hood, and on the tailgate. I have had this truck a year. I am...
  5. Interior
    My truck is white with chrome bumpers and door handles. Should I paint my bezels white or black? I was thinking about doing the radio bezel, vents, and door handles. Maybe even the gauge bezel. Not sure. I have seen both white and black so I am not sure which to go with.
  6. For Sale
    Putting my Xtreme up for sale. I love this truck, but I am looking for something much smaller and with gas mileage into the 30's as I have recently moved and will be traveling further for work. I found that, got myself a POS Acura fix-er-upper for $1,500. But hell, it gets good gas mileage...
  7. For Sale
    For sale 4pc. Door Molding off of a Black 2011 Chevy Colorado. I took it off for a better look and feel of my truck when I debadged it. They are in Good condition, they could stand some claying. Please note they do not come with the double sided tape to put them on. Asking $80 + Shipping...
  8. Exterior
    anyone know the best way to wash my black truck and not have a ton of water spots. i dry the truck with microfiber cloths and still get them. some people at work said to use some eagle one wipe and wash shit any suggestions?
  9. Exterior
    So It's 230am I'm tired. I'm def doing the first idea to the truck. Just want some critique on the other one. I like the bowtie idea. So tell me if it's too much or a cool unique idea. I've always been the type to keep a truck debadged and rather plain and sleet looking. I really don't wanna...
  10. Images and Video
    Got the H3s on today and i must say, makes my truck look very very good. :yup: I just got home from work and left the dog box in. What ya think?
  11. Images and Video
    had them on for about 3 days now & i love 'em got it wrapped in 235/55R18 bridgestones leme know what u think oh and i already know most of u will say to drop it, no worry... it'll be lower by summertime or maybe sooner, only time will tell
1-11 of 11 Results