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  1. 2006 GMC Canyon Lift Question

    How-To: Chassis & Suspension
    Hi All, I just purchased my son a 2006 GMC Canyon for his 16th birtdhday. I am wanting to get it lifted with new wheels and tires for him before we give it to him. We owned a Toyota Tacoma prior that had a 6" lift with 35" tires on 20" wheels. We would like the same look for the Canyon...
  2. Rough Country 2.5" and PA 3" together

    So, I am in the process of looking at lifting my truck. I came across these two and I am wondering if you can combine them to get 5.5" of lift or if I am just an idiot for thinking this was possible. Any insight on which one to do first? I'm guessing the rough country, but I could easily be...
  3. Body Lift for 2012 Z71

    I'm am very new to the 4x4 community and my Colorado is actually my first vehicle Ive owned. That being said please forgive me for knowing so little. I have many questions regarding a body lift for my 2012 Z71 rado. The first being does this void warranty? I'm looking towards a 3" lift assuming...
  4. 2009 Manual Tranny PA 3" Body Lift

    Hey guys, I'm new to posting but I have been stalking this site for a year or so now. I just finished up with a tb crank and shackles and since lifting is addicting, I now want to go higher but want to avoid more suspension stuff because of the $$$. I know SMAXX makes the 1.5" kit but I want to...
  5. Body Lift Questions

    I have a 2011 2wd z71 colorado ext cab. What kind of lift would i need to run 33x12.50 or 33x13 if possible, and I'm on a low budget so i want to save as much money as i can. any information and suggestions will help. (and its a 3.7L automatic if it matters) thanks
  6. rubbing help - w/ pictures

    SO christmas time is coming up so you know im gonna waste countless amounts of my parents money on lifting my truck more... so right now i got 3" torsion twist, 1.5" rear shackles and 1.5" body lift. My tires are 285/75/R16 and i have some rubbing issues i need help with. If i am correct...
  7. Body Lift Question

    How hard is it to install a 3" body lift on our trucks? I was going to put one in when I do my torsion keys and what not, but someone was telling me the typical horror stories of body lifts with the fuel filler neck not being long enough, steering linkage, gear selector and things like that. Is...
  8. anybody install a 3" body lift?

    if so did you do yours yourself? how hard was the install? any tips or ideas?