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  1. Audio/Multimedia
    So I finally decided to build a decent box for my 10" JL Audio 10w1v2's. I had some terribly undersized boxes for them previously, that I threw together with 1/4" plywood. This one I built out of 3/4 MDF like you should!!! I have about 8 hrs in it start to finish, and I provides more than enough...
  2. Want to Buy
    I know not many people have them or are looking to sell, but I'd like to pick up a sub box that fits between the jump seats of an extended cab that'll hold a 10" sub. I've currently got a 12" in a walmart scosche sitting on the back seat, which is a bit impractical. I know JL makes one, but...
  3. Audio/Multimedia
    I am getting ready to build a single 10 box for my extended cab. Is anyone willing to post up pics for some ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results