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bumper cover

  1. Extreme/SS Gen II Bumper Cover?

    So, got in an accident last week, all cosmetic, T-boned a Frontier when he decided to turn left while I was going through an intersection. Anyways, I decided this is as good a time as any to update the looks of my truck. Instead of the stock hood, I have the goodmark 2" cowl on order. As for...
  2. Squeaky SS Gen II Bumper Cover

    I've combed through all posts regarding ways to fix the squeaking Street Scene Gen II bumper cover, and I have tried everything, but the damn thing is still squeaking. I've covered the bumper in soft velcro, put screws in all recommended spots and even took it to a body shop to have them take a...
  3. SS Gen 1 Fogs?

    I searched, i swear i did. I ran into this However he never got an answer and im running into the same dilemma. I searched Stylin trucks and didn't come up with anything... Will the Xtreme fogs work...