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  1. Aesthetics
    I have a black 2008 Canyon SLE Offroad and i think plastic/chrome combination on the bumbers can be seriously improved. Im thinking of getting a roll of gloss black wrap from vvivid to go over the front and rear bumpers, and maybe even do the chrome grill. This way, they'll look like they were...
  2. Exterior
    Ever since I bought my truck a couple years ago I've had an issue with my bumper sagging unevenly. It honestly may be an unreported accident from the previous owner. But before I take off my pushbar and undo my offroad lights to take off my bumper I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remedy...
  3. Exterior
    I was just wondering if anyone could help me find a nice looking steel front bumper. For my 2011 GMC Canyon. Willing to modify to fit just looking for ideas.
  4. Aesthetics
    My front and rear black bedlined steel bumpers made by.... Tactical Armor Group ( No longer in business ) But here are some other companies that make steel bumpers for the 2004 - 2012 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Addictive Desert Designs Move Bumpers Iron Bull
  5. Exterior
    Okay so before I drop money on a brush guard or bumper guard I need a question answered. Can you take a bumper guard made for a '15 and put it on an '05? I'm looking for something like a Fan Fours bumper. I know there brackets would need to be made but is it possible? Oh yeah I still have my...
  6. Bumpers
  7. Bumpers
  8. Exterior
    So I want to build myself a bumper. Does anyone out there have any plans or drawings that I could use? Even if they are just for the frame connection points it would be helpful. Thanks, I'll be sure to post photos of the process.
  9. Exterior
    Hey all! I've been in contact with Iron Bull recently getting prices. Iron Bull Bumpers - Chevrolet Colorado Front bumper: $1100 plus shipping. Rear bumper: $1000 plus shipping. Add $150 for a hitch receiver. Their prices are quite high, but their products look great, real beefy and tough...
  10. Lifting
    well after lookin it up and what not i finally went and got a basic prerunner bumper made. it took a couple of hours i used 1 3/4" mild steel for it. there are still a few more things ima do to it in the winter..... (when its not 120 degrees outside) but for now this is all i need. its basically...
  11. Lifting
    Hey i live 2 hours south of vegas and an hour north of havasu and was wondering if their is anybody who can help fab up a bumper. really simple nothing crazy kind of like SandRiders front bumper. i dont have the tube bumper or welder here to do it myself or else id be givin it a wack. please if...
  12. For Sale
    These parts will fit ALL Chevy Colorados /GMC Canyons/Isuzu I-Series from 2004-2012 1. Headlights, Daytime Running Lights and 3rd Brake Light - Factory, great condition, no cracks or blemishes - $250 shipped 2. Taillights - Factory, great condition, no cracks or blemishes - $75 shipped 3...
  13. Want to Buy
    Mine got messed up pretty bad, so I am looking for a good one for my Colorado. I'd like to find one close if possible.
  14. For Sale
    as the title says boys and girls i called ADD and im serious about the bumper so looking to sell off my parts to accumilate some of the price for the new bumper both bumpers are brand new were put on in late october after a colusion so im looking to get close to retail value or decent pricing...
  15. Electrical/Lighting/Security
    Ok so this if my first thread so im new, I need to remove my drivers side bottom headlight on my colorado. I was wondering if anyone could show me how to remove it. If you have any pictures or even better a video I would really appreciate it. If your wondering I want to remove it because I have...
  16. Exterior
    Before my most recent deployment i was getting onto the interstate and the mud flap from a big rig flew of the truck and knocked the passenger side fog lamp assembly right out of the bumper. Everything was fine except for the missing fog light, then the driver side burned out. I just wanna...
  17. Want to Trade
    Anyone want to trade me their Gen 1 Street Scene Roll Pan for my stock Black Bumper? My stock bumper is in good condition. the paint HAS started to chip/rust at the VERY bottom. You can't see it unless you're looking specifically for it. I'm pretty set on a Gen 1. Roll Pan. I like how the...
  18. Exterior
    Does anyone know where to get the whole lower plastic part of the front bumper for an 08 Z85 Canyon? Also the plastic step that hold the license plate lights for the rear bumper? Looking for options other then the dealer or a junk yard. New or used is ok. Thanks in advance!
  19. Images and Video
    Well, I finally got the bitch painted...I mean, I've only had it since early April :ugh: !!! Still waiting for the Canyon setup, but here are some pictures in the mean time! Enjoy :salute:
1-19 of 19 Results