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  1. For Sale K&N Cold Air Intake for 2.9

    For Sale
  2. K&N 57 Series w/ Resonator Delete

    Projects & Build
    Just purchased a K&N 57 Series CAI which will means I will be doing the resonator delete as well! Definitely plan on Cleaning the TB, Mass Air flow Sensor and possibly the IAC. Hoping to do all this on Wednesday but damn this workflow is killin me lol will post pics up then end of the...
  3. Volant on 2.9l CEL

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Ebay'd a 15437 Volant CAI for $180 Not crazy about the oiled filter that comes with it b/c I've seen them mess with sensors Had to trim the main tube a bit to make it fit, otherwise no problem Clean my MAF/IAT sensor Sounds awesome Nice power gain ...until the next power cycle I get a CEL...
  4. For Sale Volant CAI PowerCore 07-08 Colorado 3.7l

    For Sale
    ***SOLD to: SkiDude010*** 1/24/2012 I will be putting this on eBay this week, figured I'd offer it to you guys first. My truck was totalled out by Progressive, I was able to get my CAI back though, ThrottleBody Spacer, and my Aerowrap Hood Shield; now just trying to make a little money back so...
  5. So you wanna to buy a Cold Air Intake for your 5.3L...

    V8 Engine & Drivetrain
    So I thought that I'd put a buying guide together that we could sticky for those that are shopping for a custom cool air intake (CAI) for their 5.3L truck. Let me know if I missed any and I'll update this post. All prices listed are MSRP, you'll be able to find them at a lower cost if you...