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  1. For Sale
    Moving across country and need some cash. Runs great. Priced to sell this week. $6500 In Columbia, KY 42728 2008 GMC Canyon
  2. Lifting
    Just got my truck and immediately wanted to lift it. Been researching and I think I've got it figured out. Rancho Shocks (RS5325 FR, RS5610 RR) [$50ea] ProComp AAL (+1-2") [$40] Rox kit; Torsion keys + shackles (+1-3"F 2"R) [$100] Total: (+3-4") [$350] Also considering 1" hockey puck BL...
  3. Lifting
    I'm new to 335nation n i drive a '05 colorado Z71 4WD crew cab. I no it's a long shot but I'm lookin for a way to raise my suspension 2"s. Im on a low budget n I'd like to pay 100 dollars max. ne suggestions for a cheap 2" suspension lift wuld be greatly appreciated.
1-3 of 4 Results