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  1. How-To/Tutorials/Reviews/Service Bulletins
    Has anyone done a Frame Swap Crew to Ext ?? I have a 2004 Colo Z71 LS 4WD Ext cab. Frame is SHOT !! I found a good frame..SAME everything.. BUT it is Crew cab... I can cut, weld & fabricate... How MANY (cab / Bed mounts) will I have to 'reposition' ??... Based on specs... I THINK I'd just have...
  2. For Sale
    I was at work and we had hail one night and it dinged up my tonneau pretty good. I've decided to sell it for funds to purchase a new one. If you're looking for a $700 CREW CAB tonneau for cheap, look no further! lol here are some pics. I left it dirty for the pictures on purpose so you can see...
1-3 of 3 Results