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  1. For Sale
    I have a crew cab mtx thunderbox in grey can ship will have to check pricing. $200 OBO SOLD-Also have an air lift helper bags were on the truck for less than a month for 2wd z85. $200 -SOLD Traded for an Avalanche so need to go. Can get pictures tomorrow. Thanks Dustin
  2. Wrecked & Broken Into Trucks * * Warning Carnage
    hey guys i havent been here in a few months back in september i got in an accident hit an embankment at around 55 buckled the whole front end she has since been sold to a scrap yard im trying to save up to buy another but i wanted to share the pic of my baby hopefully ill have another one soon...
  3. Audio/Multimedia
    Alright I don't do post often but am looking for some opinions of fellow 355 members. I am looking to buy the MTX shallows or the Memphis shallows. I've had the kicker CVT's and wasnt that impressed. So if anyone has tried either of these or has any others they would recommend please let me know.
1-3 of 5 Results