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dash lights
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  1. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Recently bought a 06 crew cab canyon 166,000 miles. About a month in check engine went on figured gas cap , noticed pinion leak after fluids replaced , but most st importantly first my day day time running light stoped working bulb is fine. and now when pressing brake right blinker lights up on...
  2. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I found some posts with similar issues but they didn't seem to ever find the exact solution. I had a battery that was going bad (3.5 yrs old). One day when I went to start the truck, it sounded like a pinball machine under the hood as it tried unsuccessfully to fire up.. popping and clicking...
  3. Electrical/Lighting/Security
    OK so my 4 wheel drive selector lights have all burned out. Has anyone ever swapped them to LED? If so how did you go about it? I know that the stock lights for those buttons are technically LEDs but they are surface mount crap. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results