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  1. For Sale
    $40 with scratch. You pay shipping $50 without scratch. You pay shipping Scratch is about 1/2" long and located in the middle of the window. The one without scratch is still packaged and tapped up so don't ask me to open it. 2" drop consist of shocks and blocks. I personally haven't...
  2. Lowering
    August 2014 I got smashed in a front end collision and it destroyed my 92 s10 that I rebuilt from the ground up and was paint/bag ready :lmaop: I purchased this truck about a month ago and have completely fallen in love with it. Its been my "dream" truck for years. As a lot of people do when...
  3. Lowering
    :shrug:Not sure if im in the right forum??? Anyways im thinkin about lowering my truck soon.... real soon!:yup: i got 20 inch wheels FRONT: belltech coilovers 0-3" REAR: belltech lowering leaf springs 3" 1" lowering blocks belltech shocks what do yall think??? ****** i heard that you can...
  4. For Sale
    Found these today as well for anyone interested. chevy colorado lowering kit 3/4 3" drop DJM A arms 4" Drop Belltech leaf springs Belltech rear drop shocks 250obo chevy colorado lowering kit :355group:
1-4 of 4 Results