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dual high/low headlights

  1. Dual High/Low beam 2008 Colorado

    How-To: Lighting & Electrical
    Hello, I am wondering if I can still do the high/low beam mod on a 2008 Colorado. I saw on one thread that the computers in the 2008 are different. Just wondering if the mod to just the pins on the relay is safe for that year. Also wondering about the flog light mod to have all six...
  2. How To: Dual High/Low Headlights

    How-To: Lighting & Electrical
    This will be the easiest mod you ever do for nothing! ( update, 11/22/11 this mod is still working with out a problem!) Hid safe! its actually better for them! ..........If you have factory fogs they will not work without doing the fog lamp relay mod to keep them all on........ I know there...