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  1. For Sale
    Hey guys, I sold my '07 ext cab a while back and looking to re-home a custom armrest/sub enclosure that I had fabricated and installed by Sound Xpressions in the Phoenix area. This box was designed to replaced the cupholder in-between the two jumper seats in the back of the extended cab Gen1...
  2. Audio/Multimedia
    I want to put subs in the back of my crew cab 4wd 2005 canyon under the seat and the im not sure if the boxes i found will fit. Does anyone know of a good box that will for sure fit under my back seat? Thanks.
  3. Audio/Multimedia
    Hello, I thought I would give back to you guys for all the info Ive read on the forums. I have built a custom downfiring sub box that will fit between your kiddy seats. You have to remove jack and cup holder but looks awsome, hides and protects sub as well. I have to transfer the pics here but...
1-3 of 3 Results