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  1. Lifting
    well after lookin it up and what not i finally went and got a basic prerunner bumper made. it took a couple of hours i used 1 3/4" mild steel for it. there are still a few more things ima do to it in the winter..... (when its not 120 degrees outside) but for now this is all i need. its basically...
  2. Lifting
    Hey i live 2 hours south of vegas and an hour north of havasu and was wondering if their is anybody who can help fab up a bumper. really simple nothing crazy kind of like SandRiders front bumper. i dont have the tube bumper or welder here to do it myself or else id be givin it a wack. please if...
  3. Projects & Build
    What I have been doing (helping really) the last month or so after work. This is work done by Swoops of and his brother. Bagging VWs Starting Layout of tanks, compressors, and hardlines. Swoops eyeing up the next bend for a hardline Making the bend Wiring, running air...
1-3 of 3 Results