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  1. Want to Buy
    I have a 2006 Black Colorado WT Single Cab I was hit in a parking lot and need the following parts: Passenger Door: Black preferred, although I am willing to take any color. I do not need the interior panels of the door, or the glass. Non Electric windows. Passenger Fender: This is for a...
  2. For Sale
    i have a set of stock fenders in great condition, they have the black stock fender flare on the wheel well. i dont need em anymore since now i have fiberglass. they are just up in my rafter taking up space. i dont feel like shipping them, but if the price is right i will look into it. just give...
  3. For Sale
    Up for sale are a pair of new Fiberwerx Fiberglass front fenders. These have never been mounted, have no holes drilled, or any paint laid. They are a 5" bulge with 2" rise. I decided to go a different route with my truck. I picked them up from Kartek for $375. I'll let them go for $300. Will not...
1-3 of 5 Results