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  1. Interior
    H3 Fronts & Console installed, Rear in progress Front, Rear & console off eBay, paid more then would have liked, $800, reasonable quality/wear & tear. Console is not functional as yet, waiting for cable to arrive. Originally had manual cloth, so these are significant upgrade. Rears yet...
  2. Images and Video
    The Pennsylvania 355 Chapter hosted another mod meet to help out 06Stinger yesterday Yep that's right another mod meet at my place. This time we got together at my place in order to help out 06Stinger (Wayne) with an interior make over. This included installing power, leather H3 Seats, an...
  3. How-To: Interior
    Alright. This is going to be a very basic how to. As in, it takes more time than anything. You are going to need very basic tools. Drill, wrenches, stubby phillips/torx screw drivers, etc. Here is also a list of parts you will need. H3 Lid (BLACK) # 15111830 H3 console # 15832110 H3 Shift...
1-3 of 3 Results