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  1. Interior
    Ok so i really want to change out my stock manual 60/40 bench. It makes my back hurt and slide all over when taking turns. My questions are as stated: 1) Do the cloth H3 seats actually seat higher then the stock seats. I have read people state they think they do. Im concerned with head room as i...
  2. Interior
    H3 Fronts & Console installed, Rear in progress Front, Rear & console off eBay, paid more then would have liked, $800, reasonable quality/wear & tear. Console is not functional as yet, waiting for cable to arrive. Originally had manual cloth, so these are significant upgrade. Rears yet...
  3. Images and Video
    The Pennsylvania 355 Chapter hosted another mod meet to help out 06Stinger yesterday Yep that's right another mod meet at my place. This time we got together at my place in order to help out 06Stinger (Wayne) with an interior make over. This included installing power, leather H3 Seats, an...
  4. For Sale
    Ok guys I might purchase new seat for my H3. Looking at what a set of Cloth non power h3 seats would go for? Thinking $350 is that reasonable??
  5. How-To: Interior
    Disclaimer "Please use caution and seek professional assistance when necessary., myself and all associated members are not responsible for any damages, injuries or other harm which may occur with this modification. This post does not reflect the views of and it's...
  6. Interior
    Alright it's official, now the crew cab guys can join the H3 bandwagon. First off I wanna thank Blurred and Kerad11 for all the help putting these in. I picked these up off Ebay right before Christmas and we got them put in on Sat. Really was not as bad as it originally looked. The...
1-6 of 7 Results