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  1. Electrical/Lighting/Security
    Ive looked all over and cant find out how to take the whole fog light off. im replacing them with LED Pods.
  2. Electrical/Lighting/Security
    my truck is a base model truck that means manual locks and windows, i found a kit online that can change both, i was wondering if anyone has experience doing anything like this or even has any tips. heres the kit Electric 2 Power Motor Window Roll Up 4 Door Lock Conversion Kit for Car Truck | eBay
  3. Exterior
    I'm thinking about buying a body kit for my colorado. I found one i liked that i can get for a good price but now i need to know how much it's gonna cost to get it installed. I have a standard cab so the skirts need to be cut(no standard cab kits available). The lowest rate for a body shop i...
1-3 of 5 Results