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  1. Projects & Build
    Never started one here, and I keep getting a ton of questions about this or that; so here goes! 2006 GMC Canyon 3.5L 4X4 5 Speed Manual I was stoked, since it was ordered from the factory like I would have specc'd one out. Plus I got this truck cheap! He sold it for what the dealership...
  2. Projects & Build
    The Sleeping Anomaly Usually in automotive terms, a “sleeper” is defined by a vehicle with extensive modifications to performance and handling to significantly increase the performance. This all while the exterior of the vehicle remains looking OEM. Our sleeping anomaly project has similar...
  3. Lowering
    Check em out youz lowered guyz! NO profile gas tank and transmission crossmembers Krypton Fabrications - Products - 04+ Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon No-Pro Front Gastank Crossmember
1-3 of 3 Results