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  1. Lifting
    I'm looking for a kit that will raise the front by at least 2", and possibly the back. I'm still kind of weary of cranking the torsion due to hearing bad things about maxing them. I'm leaning towards torsion keys or the Rough Country 2.5" leveling kit with rear shackles and Torsion bar key...
  2. Lifting (2015+)
    hey guys, just ran across this lift. Wonder what it looks like installed. How do the 4x4 guys CV axles like it?
  3. Lifting
    I'm looking for an economical leveling kit for my '06 Colorado Z71, I5, reg cab. I do not do any off road driving and am only looking to give my truck a more aggressive profile and appearance. Has anyone had experience with Suspension Specialists 3+3 torsion key, shackle, procomp shock kit...
  4. Lifting
    I have an 06 Colorado std cab z71 4wd with 3.5L. I am considering a 3" level tb crank with 2" shackles on the rear. I just bought new tires and am running on stock 15's and can't afford larger rims with new tires at this point. I am wondering how the lift will look on the stock 15" rims. I...
  5. Lifting
    I have a 2wd 2009 colorado work truck and I was wondering if there is any good leveling kits out there. My truck is stock hight with 28 inch Radial Wild Country XTX tires and I think it would look better with a leveling kit
1-5 of 5 Results