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  1. For Sale
    For sale: 200$ as set plus shipping 1.1.5" body Suspension Maxx body lift kit with bumper relocation brackets and hardware. This was previously used 2. Un-used 1-2" lift adjustable rear shackle 3. Un-used Maxxcam Jr adjustable torsion key with diff drop spacers, shock extenders (all hardware)...
  2. Lifting
    I have a 2005 chevy Colorado Z85 2wd I was wondering if any one knew of any good lift I kits.
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Ok well I’m a new guy to the Colorado scene with my recently purchased 2005 Colorado Z71 4x4! With doing some browsing in here I decided I’m gonna go with a Suspension Maxx Key and shackle lift with their shocks they make, and will be doing some 275/70r17s. So first off I get kinda lost in...
  4. Lifting
    I recently bought new leaf springs because my old pair were sagging. I also got a new AAL and Torsion Bar lift kit. But today I was putting the AAL up to the new leaf springs just to see if they’d fit, and it looks like the AAL has a lot of curve at the end of each tip. I will provide photos...
  5. Lifting
    I have a 2005 z85 2wd standard cab For a lift would it be better to get a kit with knuckles or a kit with spacers for the front
  6. Want to Buy
    Let me know what you've got for rear shackles. Ideally i'd like to grab some 1.5-2" shackles. Send me a PM or email [email protected] for a quicker reply. Thanks.
  7. Exterior
    Can someone please photoshop my grille to the oem yellow with the black horizontal bars? I'm thinking of color matching but wanna know how it looks first.
  8. Lifting
    Okay so I'm getting Fuel Assualts 20x12. With 33x12.50 tires. The wheel has a -43 mm offset and 4.75 back spacing. And I plan on getting wheel spacers. So do I need a lift to and if so what size? Trying to avoid a $1600 Rancho but will get it if need be.
  9. Want to Buy
    Hey all, Looking to see whats out there for a used lift kit. I own a 2004 2wd extended cab canyon. Im only wanting to lift it 2/2.5 inches or so since ill be running stock tires with it for a year or so. Located in Canada but ill cover shipping. Mostly looking for a full package, front and...
  10. Lifting
    I have a 2009 colorado z85 5cyl 4 door 2wd. I just got it lifted and im having some problems with it that im hoping someone else has had problems with before or has any ideas of what may be wrong with it. I got a 5” cst suspension spindle lift put on it I also got new 17” with a -6 offset wheels...
  11. For Sale
    This is just a feeler for some parts that I have in Parkersburg, WV ( 26143 ). I dont have any pictures of the stuff, but If you are interested, I can probably get them for you within a few days. The lift is that cheap kit they had on amazon a while back, Im pretty sure its missing a few...
  12. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I just got my truck two weeks ago and I am planning on putting some money into. But unfortunately I do not have a great knowledge of Mods. I have a 2011 5v 3.7l 4X4. It is my everyday vehicle. I am looking for power but mostly gas mileage since I am going to be driving this truck alot. I am...
  13. Lifting
    I have a 2wd 2009 colorado work truck and I was wondering if there is any good leveling kits out there. My truck is stock hight with 28 inch Radial Wild Country XTX tires and I think it would look better with a leveling kit
  14. Lifting
    Hey guys, I have a 2006 2wd Colorado. The work truck model. I want to do a suspension lift but I don't know what would be the best lift or product to get. I want 2-4" of lift, and also what size tires should I go with after the lift? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  15. For Sale
    Hey guys! i sold my truck, it was a 2006 Isuzu I-350 4x4. i still have the Skyjacker lift that never got put on it. this lift is used and has only been on one tuck for about 2 months and it was on a show truck so it never was offroad. they dont make this kit anymore, but this is the new one...
1-15 of 16 Results