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  1. Lifting
    I’m trying to find a 6” suspension lift for a 06 Colorado, it’s the 2wd base model the only place I’ve found them so far was and they are all sold out, so was hoping to hear who all is running what
  2. How-To: Chassis & Suspension
    Hi All, I just purchased my son a 2006 GMC Canyon for his 16th birtdhday. I am wanting to get it lifted with new wheels and tires for him before we give it to him. We owned a Toyota Tacoma prior that had a 6" lift with 35" tires on 20" wheels. We would like the same look for the Canyon...
  3. Lifting
    Hi all, I am noticing a knocking sound coming from the rear end of my 2005 Z85 LS Crew Cab with 40,000 miles. About 6 months ago I installed a suspension maxx 2.5 inch leveling kit on the front end and put 2" taller shackles and pro comp add-a-leaf springs on the rear end. So 2.5" taller in the...
  4. Lifting
    Hey everyone my name is Alex and I'm pretty new with this site so bare with me. I just bought a 4" Skyjacker lift for my lovely Colorado and I had a 2" cranked torsion bar on the stock colorado previous to this lift. They put in my stock keys again and worked the lift from stock height up. The...
  5. Lifting
    Before.. After .. Very pleased :high5:
  6. Lifting
    This is going to be a complete list of components needed to lift your ride, right now it is a work in progress, feel free to contribute: Skyjacker: CC421KS 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421KS 2.8 Liter L4; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421K 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel...
1-6 of 6 Results