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  1. Want to Buy
    Anyone have a pair they can part with? I finally found some motivation, just need parts. Thanks!
  2. Lowering
    So its official, when I get my tax return I'm going to drop my truck. I am going to buy a 3/4 setup, springs and blocks most likely. Now my question, I have 235/75/R15 tires, anybody have rubbing issues or fender touching tire issues? I will take out my fender lining if needed for both front and...
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Hey everybody! I'm trying to create a reference table that explains what tire sizes will fit under various lifts. What I need from you all is the following information (feel free to copy template): Sub-model (z71, z85, etc) Tire Size (diameter, width) Rim Size (diameter, width, backspace)...
  4. Lowering
    So I bought a rollpan last saturday and it turns out the guy also sold suspension parts for my canyon. He said I could lower it 2" in the front using these shocks Boss Air Suspension - Shock Absorbers. He said I don't need to buy new coils, i can just use the stock ones. How does that work...
  5. Lifting
    Hey guys, getting ready to drop my front diff and help straighten out the front end some. Just wanted to share the 3/4" spacers Im making that will be paired with some longer 120mm bolts Here they are raw: And here they are after being sprayed with some protective coating I have some...
  6. Lowering
    I know it sounds stupid, but I would like to slightly lower my05 z71 crewcab to give it more of a baha trophy truck look. right now the fender wells are way too open. Has anyone done this?
  7. Exterior
    Does anyone know where to get the whole lower plastic part of the front bumper for an 08 Z85 Canyon? Also the plastic step that hold the license plate lights for the rear bumper? Looking for options other then the dealer or a junk yard. New or used is ok. Thanks in advance!
1-7 of 7 Results