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  1. Lowered to Lifted Build

    New Member Introductions
    So, I haven't been on the forum in a really long while, and it has been because of school, work, and the main cause is me getting another car. Giving it a long while to think about my car and truck, I have finally decided to lower the car and shift the build path from a lowered street truck to a...
  2. I need some guidance.

    Now that I have two cars, I have been having thoughts on making the car I just got my low car and making the 2WD truck a light off roader, nothing crazy, but something I could take and have some fun off pavement. Every time I think about lifting her back up, It is fun to think about until I see...
  3. Project: CoLOWrado Revamp

    Projects & Build
    So I have been bored with life since I ran out of ideas of what to do with the truck. On top of that, I feel like the white/blue scheme is getting old and boring. So with that, I have created a new redesigned build plan that involves a new exterior look, interior look and some more performance...
  4. guess the receipt purchase!!

    Well as some of you know ive been colecting parts to bag the truck. Well tonight i just made the biggest purchase of them all. But i wanna see whos going to guess it right. Its obvious.
  5. Need Help. Noisy driveshaft

    So I have an 07 ext cab colorado with a DJM 3/4 and whenever i have a passanger or two it sounds as if the driveshaft is smacking the bottom of my truck. idk what to do to stop it :( any ideas. Thanks, Hankey
  6. For Sale 2006 parts truck, cheap parts.

    For Sale
    Well last Saturday I decided to miss a deer and slide sideways into a pole. Its probably fixable but I'm going to part it out. If anyone needs parts for a Colorado I have one. White, 2wd, 2.8, 2006, lowered, rodeo snowflake rims, everything is in great shape except the hood and right front...
  7. The Sleeping Anomaly

    Projects & Build
    The Sleeping Anomaly Usually in automotive terms, a “sleeper” is defined by a vehicle with extensive modifications to performance and handling to significantly increase the performance. This all while the exterior of the vehicle remains looking OEM. Our sleeping anomaly project has similar...
  8. Fall Colours

    Images and Video
    Just a few rough shots from last weekend.
  9. For Sale 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab

    For Sale
    Hey guys and gals! I put a lot of time and energy into loving this Truck, but now i've got to sell it. Here are the details: 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 75,000 miles (low miles) Automatic Black Inline 5 cylinder (3.5L) JTR Low Profile Crossmember Installed Notch Kit from QA1...
  10. Want To Buy Zq8 Colorado TODAY!Have cash

    Want to Buy
    Hey guys i am in the hunt for a Zq8 colorado preferablly ext cab, looking for less than 120k miles stock or modified but sold my truck and am looking to pick something up asap! I live in Cookeville,TN in between Nashville and Knoxville. Not looking to travel a ridiculous amount but will travel...
  11. New guy from Iowa

    New Member Introductions
    Hey 355 Nation! I haven't had a lowered truck since 1997 when I ordered a standard cab Dodge Dakota short box. It had a 318, 5-speed and a 3-5 DJM drop. Enough about that truck! I just bought a 2004 ZQ8 Crew with an I5 and automatic tranny. It only has 40,000 miles and is in excellent shape...
  12. For Sale SikRado for SALE! College is Starting, Selling for Loan Value for 355 Members!

    For Sale
    10,000 OBO! Only selling due to college starting this fall and cannot afford the payment! Get it for what i owe on the loan!!! My loss is your gain! It breaks my heart to move on but i dont have the cash to keep it around. OUTSTANDING truck and has ZERO flaws inside or out! Interior looks brand...
  13. well guys its finally low :D

    Images and Video
    Well guy's its finally low :D (56k Warning) i want to thank you guys that helped me yesterday.. the alignment fixed everything lol id post some pics of my truck but it has been raining all day so hopefully tomorrow ill get some good pics 4" In Front 5" In Back w/C-notch ROCK STARS 245/35/20's...