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  1. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Hi i have a 2006 chevy colorado 2.8L LT Crew Cab, i want to mod the truck make it look and preform good, so far i’ve straight piped the truck. Any mods i should do? I was thinking of buying a cold air intake and tune the truck but is that worth it? Also in need of help finding the oem rims that...
  2. For Sale
    Got clipped on the freeway and rolled my '07, :ugh: Had everything I needed to do the swap, but oh well, my loss, your gain. :th_ontopic: Came off a 2009 Colorado. Includes Everything but brake pads. 2 Rotors, freshly turned with plenty of meat 2 Calipers- with a fresh coat of flat black high...
  3. Lifting
    Sometime this week I'm gonna be putting on 3" front lift spindles Ball joint plates 2" billet coil spacer And 2" lift shackles in the rear. I have a set of 33" Goodyear Wranglers sitting on a 17" procomp wheel. Will update when process starts if requested. :th_woot:
  4. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    I just got my truck two weeks ago and I am planning on putting some money into. But unfortunately I do not have a great knowledge of Mods. I have a 2011 5v 3.7l 4X4. It is my everyday vehicle. I am looking for power but mostly gas mileage since I am going to be driving this truck alot. I am...
  5. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    hey guys. I have a 2006 Colorado Single Cab 2.8 I4 I've already installed a K&N Intake system and Magnaflow exhaust so my next question is what mod would you guys recommend next? I don't wanna do anything that would make my truck no pass inspection so I don't wanna gut the cats. Thanks in...
  6. Projects & Build
    Hey guys, For an internet marketing course at college, have to create a blog. Me and a buddy decided to do a sort of how to blog on simple, and cheap DIY mods you can do yourself. Of course this just gives me a reason to work on the Coli. Anyway gotta generate some traffic, so check it out...
  7. Midwest Thread Archives
    Is there anyone who does tuning on Oahu??? Please let me know. Thanks and Aloha!
  8. Tuning
    Is there anywhere in Hawaii where I can get to tune for may truck? Any help would be appreciated. Aloha!
  9. Images and Video
    Looking at these rims and am undecided on whether i like them or not... Let me know what you think!
  10. Exterior
    I'm thinking about buying a body kit for my colorado. I found one i liked that i can get for a good price but now i need to know how much it's gonna cost to get it installed. I have a standard cab so the skirts need to be cut(no standard cab kits available). The lowest rate for a body shop i...
  11. Exterior
    So today (day off of work), I decided to get some mods done that I have been procrastinating on.... Installed LED 3rd Brake Installed LED DRLS Installed Sequential Turn Signals Installed "old" (the right color) HID Fogs... yes I know the truck is dirty.. its raining here lol...
1-12 of 12 Results