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motor rebuild
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  1. Engine Swaps
    Hello Everybody, First off, sorry for the long winded message for a relatively simple question. But I had to ask and explain my reasoning for why I am having a hard time making a decision. So I have a '08 Chevy Colorado Z71 (4x4) with a 3.7l i5. It has 240,000+ miles on it. But the frame and...
  2. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys I'm new around here. My motor is toast in my 08 4x4 crew cab with 117k miles on it. I'm looking to have a rebuilt Jasper in it. I have pulled the motor and I just need to replace it. I am on a time schedule that wont allow me to do the install myself The quotes I have received are on...
  3. Engine Swaps
    I have an 08 Z71 4x4 with the 3.7 I5. Recently ran into a huge motor problem and I need to get the motor out. Two shops quoted me over 7500$ to replace the motor. Sooooo we are going to do it ourselves. I need help figuring out what way to pull the motor. Both shops told me that the motor had to...
1-3 of 3 Results