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  1. North East Super Meet (NESM)
    Thought it might be interesting to map out where everyone is coming from... To add a marker: 1. Go to "Additions" in the toolbar above the map 2. Select "add marker - simple" 3. Enter your screen name and your town and state. This will also allow you to get...
  2. North East Super Meet (NESM)
    Hey all, in the past one of the few flaws of NESM has been coordinating the food/shopping. It has been hectic and inefficient to say the least. this year we decided to do something new for NESM 4. Jim (2004crewcab) has asked me for some help so I am proposing this idea. We will see how...
  3. North East Super Meet (NESM)
    2010 NESM - Attendence list This list will be kept current. If you wish to attend and your not on the list then send a comment and you will be added. This thread is not for conversations about the NESM, that is what the other thread is for. Please refrain from that. Attendance List: (56)...
1-4 of 4 Results