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  1. Remote Start and Passlock

    How-To: Lighting & Electrical
    Hi Guys, I'm new to the site however I have been referring to it for over a year. I am forever grateful for the information here. This being said, I am having some classic passlock issues. Ever since I got the vehicle about a year and a half ago, I've had issues with passlock traumatizing my...
  2. 2012 GMC Canyon -HELP! Passlock

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    When I bought this 2WD Extended cab truck 2 years ago, I LOVED it. Up until this past summer, I LOVED it. Now after dealing with this insane passlock system for the past 6 months, I HATE IT! I am seriously getting ready to sell this next week if someone on here can't help me. First it was just...
  3. Aftermarket Keyless and Alarm Install Bypass or Not?

    Hey newbie to the forums. Been reading this one for over two years since I first got my 'rado. I have a '07 Chevy Colorado with Automatic transmission, and no power anything. I have recently order and purchased an Electric-Life kit with power locks, keyless entry, and alarm system. I have the...
  4. passlock or something else???

    Hello, so I just bought my second 355 about four months ago since I missed my first one so much. Anyways its got 121,000 miles, 06 canyon Z71. ok so it started about a month ago, I went to start my truck and it clicked and everything went dead. So I assumed it was passlock, waited a half hour...
  5. 2009+ Theft Deterrent System

    Theft Deterrent System
  6. 2009+ Immobiliser (passlock) Schematics

    2009+ Immobiliser (passlock) Schematics
  7. PassLock Issue with Remote Start

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Hey guys, I have a question I couldn't find the answer for exactly, and I don't know enough about the system to figure it out myself. I have a 2008 I4 Colorado with a remote start installed. I use the remote starter pretty much everyday, especially in cold weather but even summer to get the...
  8. Help!!

    I've read through the forums.. tried millions of ways nothing is working.. any other ideas? I just cut the wire to the passlock in desperation, and still not starting. I unplugged my PCM to check the prongs because I am throwin a 303 cylinder misfire. New coil, new spark plug.., it's still...
  9. For Sale New Rockies Pass Lock Bypass

    For Sale
    Hey guys, I have a brand new New Rockies Passlock Bypass unit that I bought last summer. Never put it on. I have it on Ebay right now as well. I'd like to get $140 for it. New Rockies GM Passlock Bypass | eBay NEWROCKIES Inc | Bypass, disable and remove VATS, PASSKey and Passlock Security...
  10. How To: Change Passlock

    How-To: Performance & Maintenance
    Disclaimer The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic...
  11. passlock defeat or help!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum n Jus picked up my 06 Colorado crew cab...I ve already discovered this standard passlock trouble n figured out that's wat it is....sometimes it doesn't start, wait 10min. Etc. Jus wondering if anyone has a reliable way to defeat it? I figure this has already been...