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power steering

  1. Power Steering Pump Replacement (LH8)

    V8 Engine & Drivetrain
    Power Steering Pump Replacement (LH8) Removal Procedure Remove the accessory drive belt. Refer to Drive Belt Replacement - Accessory. Place drain pans under the vehicle as needed. Remove as much power steering fluid from the power steering fluid reservoir as possible. Disconnect the power...
  2. PS AC Delete?

    I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Anyone ever think about removing powersteering and AC for some (little) performance gain? And how would you go about doing it if so? Just an idea I had. I know the whole "daily driver" factor will get shot out the window but I want to squeeze out as much power as I can by reducing the drag on...
  3. Power steering chirp

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    First off let me say hello this my first post. Alright so over the past month or so a chirping, squeaking sound has been developing from the engine. So I fired it up, opened the hood to find that the sound has been coming directly from the power steering pump/pulley area. My Question is what...
  4. Checking pwr steering fluid: engine running or not? Hot? Cold?

    Wheels & Tires
    What is the most accurate way to check the power-steering fluid level?
  5. Rack and Pinion Seal Kit?

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    I've noticed some wet, inner tie-rod boots on each end of the rack & pinion body. There do not appear to be any leaks elsewhere, such as around the pinion shaft, lines or pump. The reservoir fluid level is still in the hash-marks, but it's nearing the "add" line. There are numerous threads on...
  6. Power Steering Hose Leak

    Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    I went mudding and went through some very thick mud and felt the steering wheel wobble horribly when I got to 30 MPH and I never experienced that so I checked under and saw a hose going up to my power steering reservoir was leaking badly, like pouring out (slowly) when my truck was on. I looked...