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  1. Want to Buy
    Hey y'all im in serious need of a Driver Side Rancho Lift Steering Knuckle/Lift Spindle for my 2008 Colorado. If anyone has one PLEASE let me know. Thanks guys. - Jack K.
  2. Lifting
    Does anyone out there know of a retailer (online preferred) that will let me purchase just individual parts of the rancho 4" lift kit for 4x4s? I've been looking for a few parts for a good while now and paying $1500 for the whole kit is out of the question. I've already contacted rancho and they...
  3. Lifting
    haven't been on here for a while. times flies when you're in afghanistan. so i'm looking to raise my zq8 just a teensy bit more when i get back. i got 255/55/18 (29") right now but i know i can get a 31.5" 285/60/18, in there. i've been in germany so i've been running street tires. i wanna...
  4. Lifting
    Let me tell you guys about my nightmare with my Rancho lift kit RS6569B on my 2010 Colorado Z85 4x4 crew cab. Don't go with Rancho on newer vehicles, they are using us as guinea pigs to find problems, and refusing to make reparations!!! It is a KIT, meant for people to do in their garage, to...
  5. How-To: Chassis & Suspension
    Disclaimer The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic...
  6. Lifting
    This is going to be a complete list of components needed to lift your ride, right now it is a work in progress, feel free to contribute: Skyjacker: CC421KS 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421KS 2.8 Liter L4; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421K 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel...
1-6 of 6 Results