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roll pan

  1. Custom Hidden Hitch

    I've been looking for a hidden hitch but come to find out that StreetScene discontinued the product and I can't find anybody else that produces them. How many of you have created a custom hitch receiver and is there any chance you have any fab or working drawings I can give to my guy to weld...
  2. Roll Pan

    Hello I am looking for a roll pan for my 2005 GMC canyon but I still need to use my hitch (my receiver has a u-haul sticker on it I will try to find out the model later) I need it to ship to Canada as well. Thank you in advanced
  3. Want To Buy Hidden Hitch

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a hidden hitch to go behind a roll pan... If anyone has one for sale, let me know! or if you have done the mod already and like the fitment from the brand of hitch/pan you bought, I'd like to know that info too! Thanks
  4. New from the dfw area

    New Member Introductions
    :salute: Im new to the forum thanks to edvocho who helped me fix my problem with my account :thumbup: thanks bro!!!!:D i have a regular cab i4 5 speed currently no mods to the engine... only a spectre filter :shrug: 20 ss rims undercover bed cover interior gauges pioneer double din kicker...
  5. Is there a roll pan for the xtreme?

    Is there a roll pan for the Xtreme that follows the factory body affects? I have seen pictures but are they from a dealer or custom made?
  6. Want To Trade Gen 1 SS Roll Pan for my Stock Bumper (Black)

    Want to Trade
    Anyone want to trade me their Gen 1 Street Scene Roll Pan for my stock Black Bumper? My stock bumper is in good condition. the paint HAS started to chip/rust at the VERY bottom. You can't see it unless you're looking specifically for it. I'm pretty set on a Gen 1. Roll Pan. I like how the...