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roof rack
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  1. Projects & Build
    Project #1: Roof Rack I've wanted a roof rack on on my truck for a while now to carry around my kayaks. I couldn't afford (nor did I like the look of) a Lund roof rack and I've had bad experiences with the cheap tie down ones. What I ended up doing was modifying an old bolt-on universal...
  2. Interior
    So I'm starting some upgrade and personalization projects for my 07 Crew Cab "Mumford." Up first are adding a roof rack and an overhead console. Between the weight of whatever resting on the roof rack (most likely kayaks) pressing down from above and the weight of the console pulling down from...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I'm from the Frederick Co area of Maryland. For those who don't know Frederick is one of the more rural counties in Maryland. It's about 40 miles north of DC and 40 miles west of Baltimore. I picked up my 07 Colorado 3.7 Crew Cab used about 2 years ago after totaling my old 99 S-10 (plowed the...
  4. Aesthetics
    Thule-300 Gutter Foot Pack I found a set on Craigslist cheap but Im not sure if they will work. If not, what kind of feet do we need?
1-4 of 4 Results