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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, This is my 2004 Chevy Colorado crew cab I picked up for $450 the motor and trans are done. I have been looking for a Colorado for 3 years now never could bring myself to get one at market value. It would be my second rig and fun truck. A local ran this one into the ground was...
  2. Lifting
    I figured I'd stop whorin up the sas thread and make my own build thread. Starting off I picked up a Dana 44/14bsf for the axles. Going to put 4.88 gears with a posi in the rear. Got a Toyota ifs box with a pitman arm for a 1 ton tie rod. Going to have the p/s knuckle tapped to run crossover...
  3. Other Rides
    Hey guys I just got me a tow rig and I wanted to show off all the rigs I got lol I will put more pic on this weekend TOW RIG THE RADO THE CRAWLER Rock Buggy Specs 1991 Geo Tracker, 1.6 8 valve Tracker [email protected]# with Doug Thorley header and K&N universal air filter from Auto Zone 1990 Geo...
1-3 of 3 Results