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  1. For Sale
    For sale: 200$ as set plus shipping 1.1.5" body Suspension Maxx body lift kit with bumper relocation brackets and hardware. This was previously used 2. Un-used 1-2" lift adjustable rear shackle 3. Un-used Maxxcam Jr adjustable torsion key with diff drop spacers, shock extenders (all hardware)...
  2. Lifting
    Hello all. I’m looking to put a Fabtech 3 inch spindle lift on my 2005 Canyon, the kit comes with rear shackles and I was wondering if anyone else is running this on their vehicle and if it levels the truck out or if there’s still some rake.
  3. Lifting
    I have an 06 Colorado std cab z71 4wd with 3.5L. I am considering a 3" level tb crank with 2" shackles on the rear. I just bought new tires and am running on stock 15's and can't afford larger rims with new tires at this point. I am wondering how the lift will look on the stock 15" rims. I...
  4. Lifting
    I'm not an off roader but I am looking for some advice on giving my 06 Rado reg bed z71 4x4 a bit of a more aggressive look for aesthetic purposes. I'm wondering if I can get a 3" lift in the front by totally cranking the torsion bars? Also, if I can accomplish that, what size rear shackles...
  5. For Sale
    got a couple things I'm looking to get rid of. Will take best offers. stock shackles SOLD! stock shocks, still good but the dust boot is cut on the front ones so I could get vise grips on there to get them off. $75 shipped Brand new leveling torsion keys $50 shipped
  6. Lifting
    i am about to purchase a whole bunch of stuff for my 2005 Chevy Colorado Z85 LS 4x4 Crew Cab. I wanted to make a quick list of stuff and see if it will all work together. Since i am not car savvy whatsoever, i will bring this all to my mechanic to install, but i was hoping for someone to let me...
  7. Lifting
    This is going to be a complete list of components needed to lift your ride, right now it is a work in progress, feel free to contribute: Skyjacker: CC421KS 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421KS 2.8 Liter L4; 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421K 3.5 Liter L5; 2 Wheel...
1-7 of 7 Results