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  1. Street, Strip and Off-Roading
    started off with reg cab Z85, then put the CST 5inch spindle. after that I custom built the 2inch coil spring spacer and front pre runner bumper. fiberglass fenders and wheels and tires r nxt. im a certified GM mechanic. so any questions u got about the truck let me know.
  2. Lifting
    Hey guys! I'm working on getting a set of spacers, and figured I would drop the bolts out of the front diff mounts, and wait for the spacers, and the new half shaft to come... or so I thought. The Problem: I started loosening the bolts, and one appears to have a nut inside the boxed frame...
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I figured i'd start a thread on my wheel spacers cause the only other spacers threads seems like arguments for and against. i got some pics to see finished results. wheels: Ultra Gauntlet 18x9 +25 offset Tires: 235/45/18 1 inch spacers torqued 100 ft lbs. buddy club extended open ended lug...
1-3 of 3 Results